5 Reasons To Buy Land From The Land Banker?


Reasons to Buy Land from the Land Banker

Land banking is a concept of real estate investment whereby a large block of lands are bought and later sold when the plot of lands have been approved for development. The developers occasionally buy land, segment the land into smaller plots and the later offer it to investors. Most of the investors buy land for sale. There are many reasons as to why one should consider buying land from the land banker. The reasons include;

Seller Financing

In seller financing, we handle the mortgage process instead of financial institutions such as banks. The land buyer signs the mortgage deal with us with respect to the land on sale. We extend enough credit to the person buying the land that covers the purchase of the land for sale. The buyer makes periodical instalments until the total amount is paid in full.

A commitment is made through promissory note that spells out the terms and conditions for the purchase of the land. Through seller financing, the land buyer will experience a faster closure as there are minimum consultations on legal matters and underwriters. It is also cheap considering the flexible down payments and lack of bank appraisals a reason why a person considering to buy land should come to us.

Cash Discounts

As a land banker, we offer cash discounts. To motivate our buyers and raise our services a notch higher from our competitors, we allow 50% discounts off the market value depending on the land for sale. The insane discounts are the appreciation the buyers receive on buying a plot of land when they make payments before due dates. Other than any other reason not to consider us, where again will you find such discounts. Come to us, and our professional team will help you through till you buy land for sale or development purpose

All Our Properties Are Free and Clear

To all our esteemed customers, our properties are free and clear. The terms and conditions of purchasing the lands for sale are clear. For example, we hold back the right to ownership known as the provision of liens. There are also no back taxes where no interests and other penalties are accumulated for the buyer. Regarding the mortgage, the offer is different from the bank’s regulations, and no interests are pegged on the option agreements. Tell me if you know any other land banker better than us.

Instant Equity

We assure all our buyers’ instant equity. The buyer experiences the value for money as well as the value of the land. In the offer of lands for sale, our buyers earn the instant equity whereby our lands are free and clear with no liens, mortgages, and back taxes, the seller financing and the insane cash discounts on purchase. This gives the customer the value of their money compared to the land earned. Please pass by to experience the value for your money other than reading from this article the benefits of doing business with us.


Investors buy land for sale as its value increases and are ready for development depending on the market and economic conditions. The buyers consider purchasing land from us since we sell it at a discounted price and offer professional services anytime needed by our clients. Our lands are located in prime areas that develop very fast increasing the value and hiking the prices that leave investors with good profit after re-sale. Call us today and our skilled and experienced team will respond to your inquiry promptly.